WessexCCS Logo - Wessex Community Computing Services - and a view of the famous coast of Wessex, known as the Jurassic Coast, from the end of the Cobb in Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK, looking towards Charmouth.
WessexCCS provides the engineering knowhow behind many bespoke content managed websites. What this could mean for you is that with our help your website will look the way you want it to and be easy for you and your staff to update and keep up to date.
Your website will be built using well established Open Source technologies so that it can be maintained by many website designers and engineers and you can learn the complete details of how your website works if you want to.
We remain present to provide support so you can do everything that is possible on your website. We can also add additional facilities to your website should you need them (2). You can find out more about what we do at InternetPower.Org which is our ongoing development project where we test and demonstrate our latest ideas (3). You can Contact Us via the InternetPower.Org Contact Form which incorporates security features to prevent spamming. (4).
Terms and Conditions

1. We will invoice you only for the intial design and construction of your site plus the first year of hosting and the first period of one or two years of domain registration and (where applicable) security certificate supply. You will not be charged for maintaining and editing your website as you do that yourself.
2. We will give advice, tuition and guidance by phone so that you can operate your website efficiently and keep it looking good, though we reserve the right to make a charge if you require a lot of our time for this service and can take no responsibility for the final appearance of your website as determined by your content.
3. We can adapt our engineering to any design of your choice that uses these technologies: HTML, PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache.
4. We can install our robust Contact Form Script on your website for a modest charge provided your hosting provider supports PHP and MySQL. The standard version of our form requires the user to complete a CAPTCHA if they submit URLs or other complex text, but not if they submit only simple text.

Contact Us via the InternetPower.Org Contact Form or phone us on 01308 888198 (Voicemail)
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